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Racsa 1311
citizen services

Access platform for citizens to carry out procedures with State institutions.
Immediate attention through access to the service via telephone in a personalized way for the management of procedures.


Request your appointment to carry out any of the following procedures:

  • Passport for legal age
  • Passport for minors
  • Dimex permissions and their various categories
  • Exit permits for minors
  • National passport renewal and Dimex.

Learn about immigration requirements and processes by calling 1311.


Technological platform to administer and manage the purchases of the Public Institutions of Costa Rica. By calling 1311, independent professionals, SMEs and businesses in general can begin their registration process as a State provider; The platform brings together public tenders, being a business portal between Public Institutions and Commercial Suppliers.

By contacting line 1311, you will have advice focused on providers, for the use of the platform. In addition, you can request your digital signature and obtain technical support for the use of it.

We invite you to visit the public purchasing platform:


In Costa Rica, procedures for issuing and renewing health records can be carried out online, through the digital platform

Register it simplifies and streamlines health registration procedures in an efficient, safe, transparent and simple way.

Keeping government entities interoperating for the performance of a platform like Register it has been a public milestone. In these efforts, the Ministry of Health, the National Registry, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the Central Bank, the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Commerce and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund interact continuously; through a single digital window, where it has been possible to transform procedures, filter and reduce props, reduce waiting times and provide visibility to the interested party about their efforts.

Through line 1311, support is provided to enter the platform and carry out the corresponding processes.

Learn more about this platform at


Complete your procedures for the sale, registration and issuance of permits to carry weapons in a single digital window; as well as the regulation of companies and private security agents.

Information technologies are an ideal tool to make substantial improvements in the level of competitiveness and efficiency of the State. That is why the Ministry of Public Security, together with RACSA, developed a technological platform that will allow the registration procedures of security agents and companies, as well as the records of possession and carrying of weapons, to be carried out in a more expeditious, efficient and easy to manage, both for the Administration and for the citizen.

The Control System for the Carriage of Arms and Private Security (CONTROLPAS) is a technological solution that will allow the management of requests for the sale, registration and issuance of permits to carry weapons; as well as the regulation of companies and private security agents.

Through this service, advice is provided for the use of the platform, various procedures are managed for the acquisition and carrying of weapons.

The service also applies to the assignment of appointments for the withdrawal of the license and the verification of weapons

We invite you to visit the platform  here

ControlPas service charges apply

This service is charged per minute, which has a cost of ¢ 390.00 plus tax, plus communication charges billed by telephone operators.

Charges for generation of procedures that correspond to:

-Payment of ₡ 3,210 for the development of the generation of procedures in the Costa Rican Post Offices.

-Payment of USD $3 + VAT Generation of Weapons Carriage document.

-Payment of ₡ 4,700 for the cost of sending documents to the Ministry of Public Security to the VES branch in Correos de Costa Rica of your choice.


The single window platform via the web, emphasized in the creation or registration of public limited companies or limited responsibilities before the National Property Registry. In addition to inquiries and requests for the legalization of books and patents, which allows the simplification of procedures.

Request more information by calling 1311.

Manage your procedures from anywhere and at any time, entering the platform:

Digital Signature Request

Acquire your Digital Signature to carry out any procedure before any public or private institution. By having your own Digital Signature, it will allow you to give security, integrity and trust to the electronic documents that you sign, because they acquire legal value and probative character as defined by Law number 8454-Law of Certificates, Digital Signatures and Electronic Documents here.

The digital signature is an instrument with technical and regulatory characteristics. This means that there are technical procedures that allow the creation and verification of digital signatures, and there are normative documents that support the legal value that such signatures possess.

By calling 1311, you can request your appointment to start the application, renewal, change or forget pin process. Also, you can get the card reader.

These appointments are available for physical users with either a national ID or DIMEX.

Specialized technical support is also provided to help you configure your computer equipment recognize this tool. This consists of downloading and installing the digital signature drivers, additionally, through the user’s computer, we can guide them to validate the validity of their certificate.

Those interested can call 1311 to make an appointment.


It is a financial product that consists of anticipating the payment of an account receivable, which is assigned to a natural or legal person and this in turn is in charge of managing and collecting said document.

Register as a Paying or Discounting Institution by calling 1311.



This service is charged per minute, which has a cost of ¢ 390.00 plus tax, plus communication charges billed by telephone operators.

For SICOP procedures and inquiries, the service is not charged.


Services CONTACT

In RACSA we are interested in knowing your opinion, please send us your comments or inquiries and we will gladly assist you as soon as possible