and effective communication


We consolidate the operations of your organization and increase its efficiency by incorporating specialized RACSA services.


Intelligent business platform that facilitates the management and administration of your vehicle fleet, localization, control, administration and real time monitoring.


  • Improvement in operating practices reaching higher levels of efficiency, control and management of vehicle fleets.
  • It allows to reduce operating costs and increase profits
  • Optimizes budget, it does not require direct investment from the client. It is developed under the “turnkey” modality.


Technological platform for the exclusive use of the Decentralized Government, to carry out electronic operations of purchasing and sale of products and services.


  • Modernize the purchasing model in Costa Rica, under the principles of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Stimulates electronic commerce in the country.
  • Promotes the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in purchasing
  • processes.
  • Single window.
  • Standardization.
  • Unique Supplier Registry.
  • Digital signature.
  • Electronic Commerce.
  • Zero paper model.


  • Modernización del modelo de compras.
  • Menores precios en los productos al fomentar la participación de más empresas.
  • Mayor transparencia y confianza en los procesos de contratación de su institución.
  • Implementación del modelo cero papel y virtualización de las proveedurías.
  • Reducción de tiempo en los trámites para el Estado y el sector privado.
  • Aumento de la competitividad de las empresas locales y del Estado.
  • Incentivación de una cultura de cambio, permitiendo a las instituciones ser más competitivas.
  • Modelo estandarizado del proceso de adquisición, catálogos de productos y registros de empresas.
  • Modernización en el modelo de compras bajo los principios de transparencia, eficiencia y efectividad.
  • Estimulación del comercio electrónico.
  • Promueve la participación de las pequeñas y medianas empresas (Pymes) en los procesos de compra.
  • Ahorros de hasta un 20% en las compras.



Technological solution, capable of intelligently managing events classified as alarms to be managed from a monitoring center.


  • Video implementation and control service, not cameras.
  • Minimizes costs for the client, no investment in equipment.
  • Link monitoring service.
  • Latest generation devices.
  • Budget according to your needs.
  • Breakdown control center.


  • High definition cameras to prevent theft and potentially risky activities.
  • Vision in any type of lighting or even in total darkness.
  • Service design according to the customer’s need.
  • Storage in high capacity recorders.
  • Access to the cameras via Web or mobile.



Tool for financial risk management, which allows the automation of credit origination processes and the management of credit risk.


  • Offers a secure, reliable and scalable platform.
  • It allows automating the processes of credit approval in a declarative and graphic way.
  • Easily adapts the changes required in the processes.
  • It generates in real time the probability of default for each client and prospect who requests a loan.
  • Implements modules according to the growth of your institution.
  • Calculates the expected loss and return on capital adjusted for risk for each credit application.
  • It makes the integration of the policies of each organization more flexible.
  • Calculates indicators in real time.
  • You only pay for what is required.