We consolidate the operations of your organization and increase its efficiency by incorporating specialized RACSA services.



Technological solution, capable of intelligently managing events classified as alarms to be managed from a monitoring center.


  • Video implementation and control service, not cameras.
  • Minimizes costs for the client, no investment in equipment.
  • Link monitoring service.
  • Latest generation devices.
  • Budget according to your needs.
  • Breakdown control center.


  • High definition cameras to prevent theft and potentially risky activities.
  • Vision in any type of lighting or even in total darkness.
  • Service design according to the customer’s need.
  • Storage in high capacity recorders.
  • Access to the cameras via Web or mobile.


Equipment collocation

Physical space of half cabinet and complete cabinet for hosting the client’s IT equipment (servers, hard disks) and their respective applications.


  • Continuity of business management with 24/7 technical support.
  • Privacy, and 3 levels of security. (security officer, Magnetic access card, and cabinet key)
  • Accessibility 24/7.
  • Safe, clean and reliable environment.
  • Backup systems.
  • It speeds up the business, since the user can obtain a specific service in a shorter time.
  • Complete cabinets or half cabinets are delivered immediately.


Service that allows to lodge in half and complete cabinets IT equipment of the client (servers, hard disks) and their respective applications, with symmetric internet access, ensuring high availability and good response times.


  • Continuity of business management, with 24/7 technical support.
  • Security and privacy, given that there are 3 levels of security.
  • Safe, clean and reliable environment.
  • Success in operation and continuity thanks to the backup systems available.
  • Business flexibility, the user can obtain a specific service in a shorter time than necessary if it should be installed in another location.
  • Immediate delivery of complete or half cabinets.