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Equipment collocation

Physical space of half cabinet and complete cabinet for hosting the client’s IT equipment (servers, hard disks) and their respective applications.


  • Continuity of business management with 24/7 technical support.
  • Privacy, and 3 levels of security. (security officer, Magnetic access card, and cabinet key)
  • Accessibility 24/7.
  • Safe, clean and reliable environment.
  • Backup systems.
  • It speeds up the business, since the user can obtain a specific service in a shorter time.
  • Complete cabinets or half cabinets are delivered immediately.


Service that allows to lodge in half and complete cabinets IT equipment of the client (servers, hard disks) and their respective applications, with symmetric internet access, ensuring high availability and good response times.
RACSA Servicios de Conectividad y Servicios Administrados para el Sector Empresarial y Gobierno de Costa Rica como Internet empresarial. SERVIDORES RACSA COSTA RICA PARA EMPRESAS Y GOBIERNO


  • Continuity of business management, with 24/7 technical support.
  • Security and privacy, given that there are 3 levels of security.
  • Safe, clean and reliable environment.
  • Success in operation and continuity thanks to the backup systems available.
  • Business flexibility, the user can obtain a specific service in a shorter time than necessary if it should be installed in another location.
  • Immediate delivery of complete or half cabinets.



We put at your disposal virtual servers in the safest Cloud in the country and obtain savings not only in terms of software and hardware investment, but also in the operation, support and maintenance of these resources.

Servidores Virtuales para Empresas y Gobierno deCosta Rica


  • Deploy hardware and software infrastructure with its own administration, applying virtualization tools for greater and better use of computing resources, such as: processing capacity, RAM memory, disk space and licensing in VMware and Hiper-V.

  • Your company can count on server virtualization on a flexible, dynamic, secure and scalable platform, but with a completely independent operation, guaranteeing the continuity of your business 24/7.


Implement server virtualization in an easy, fast, cost-effective way

  • Simplification of operations and reduction of IT infrastructure expenses in the acquisition,maintenance, energy consumption, service licensing and others.

  • Ease of expanding its processing, memory and hard disk capacities in less time according to the needs of your organization.

  • Infrastructure resilient to unplanned virtual infrastructure outages, helping to avoid unplanned downtime.

  • Mobility of virtual machines between different infrastructures, that is, regardless of the brand and hardware of the physical server.
  • It guarantees the performance and security of your applications with an efficient, stable and world-class service.

  • Protection and integrated backup of your data and applications, by having a specialized and qualified technical support, aligned with the best practices and ITIL recommendations.

  • High-speed connectivity links, integrated into the most robust network nationwide.



We develop tailored, convergent, unique and innovative technological solutions for your organization, through the integration of combined processes and services, allowing you to be more efficient in your management and generating value in your commercial activities


We solve your technological challenges with support for your company, for the creation and design of unique solutions

  • Implementation of a financial payment model that allows the entity to convert its investment expenses (CAPEX) into operating expenses (OPEX).

  • Transfer of risks and responsibilities to the customized solution provider (RACSA), allowing your organization to focus on the key or vital functions of your business.

  • Specialized and continuous advice in integration, design, creation, provisioning and technological updating processes, facilitating the scalability of the service.

  • Comprehensive management of various technological systems that can converge in various manufacturers and provide a response to their needs, adding economic and administrative value in their operational management. 

  • Application of security, management and monitoring protocols according to best practices for efficient use of technological resources and provision of certified and qualified human talent, for the continuity of your business, allowing your operations to always remain available in a safe and reliable way .

  • Application of protocols, according to best practices for managed services, both in operation, as well as in maintenance and support.

  • Flexible and scalable service adjusted to the needs of your client, according to rules and policies negotiated between the parties.

  • Simplification of operations and reduction of IT infrastructure expenses in the acquisition, maintenance, energy consumption, service licensing and others. 

  • High-speed connectivity links, integrated into the most robust network nationwide.



Data Center ICE Hosting

The ICE Data Center hosting service is a solution for companies that want to place their IT equipment in a safe physical space and in an environment of the highest quality, conditioned with security, power and cooling, ensuring the continuity of their business .


  • Service availability 24x7x365.
  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Permanent monitoring and security by highly qualified personnel.
  • Resource Optimization.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Possibility of having technical advice for your solution.

Data Center Administration

Data Center Administration is the solution that includes the management of the client’s technological resources through certified human resources, for the due sustainability of the operation, standardization, updating and review of the various platforms and systems that comprise it; adhering to the best business continuity management practices, according to the internal certifications required by the client, such as ITIL, COBIT, ISO and according to the Uptime Institute, for greater availability of the various components and systems that converge in the correct operation of the teams.


  • Generation of savings, mainly in data center administration, energy and operational costs.
  • Flexible service tailored to the needs of the client, according to standards and policies defined by the same.
  • Ease and speed in the provision of equipment, allowing you to improve your productivity.
  • Delegated administration, because it allows the client to assign the administration of activities and resources, allowing to direct their resources to strategic projects of their business.
  • Security through world-class components, allowing personalized access.

For more information, contact the toll-free line 800-NEGOCIO or we invite you to complete the following form so that a specialized RACSA´s advisor can contact you to help and assist you.



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