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File Management

Tool that allows organizations to have access to a Digital Archiving solution under the SaaS model, achieving considerable financial savings in paper, infrastructure, hardware and software licensing.


  • Reduction in time and resources.
  • Elimination of printers, shipping costs and copies
  • Safeguarding information digitally with legal validity.
  • Management efficiency.
  • Operational risks reduction.
  • Operation Transparency.
  • Agility in the resolution of procedures.
  • Modernization of administrative processes.
  • Quick results.


Digital RECORD

Vital-e is a tool that provides access and availability to the medical history, clinical protocols, medications and recommendations for specific studies on a patient. With this solution, your company can support the development of health programs based on the analysis of the information generated through the exploration of clinical records and preventive care.

The Vital-e Digital Medical Record has specialized modules for:

  • Business Medicine
  • Medical records
  • Electronic Agenda
  • Reporting
  • Teleconsultation, among other functionalities.


With the Vital-e Digital Medical file you can provide TELECONSULTATION to your teleworkers.


  • Competitiveness in the streamlining of procedures.
  • Patients medical history information Centralization
  • High availability of the service.
  • Exchange of information in a safe and reliable manner under interoperability standards.
  • Modern and efficient solution, aligned to global trends.


  • Continuous support in health care.
  • Immediate communication between the different medical units.
  • Exchange of information with the Blood Bank, Imaging, Hemodialysis, among others.
  • Source of documentation information, images, procedures, analysis and patient information.
  • Preventive management, assistance, labor related consultations, regional medical systems.


It is a platform created by the Ministry of Health and RACSA to carry out the management and control of the prescription, marketing and dispatch of psychotropic and narcotic drugs. Quickly and safely: Generate, validate, transmit, dispatch and document a prescription.


  • Avoid typing and transcription errors of recipes.
  • Eliminate reading errors in duplicate recipes.
  • Ensures understanding of doses, indications and names of medications.
  • Reduces the entry of prescriptions to pharmacies to seconds.
  • Increases security and traceability of information between systems.


  • Improves the control and supervision of psychotropic and narcotic drugs.
  • Generates digitized information from the pharmacy inventory.
  • As well as the prescription of the medical professional.
    Provides the treating physician with a 24/7 patient drug history.
  • Traceability of medications between the prescriber, pharmacist and patient.
  • Integration of Professional Associations as a guarantee of the current exercise of the profession.
  • It allows to have controlled inventories to reduce the illicit market.


Verification Systems

Technological solution that allows, by taking the citizens fingerprint, to consult the official databases of the Civil Registry of the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones to validate the users identity and to provide the client with verification of this query. The solution offers a reliable official mechanism to validate the identity of individuals, and ratify the authenticity of the identification document.
RACSA Servicios de Conectividad y Servicios Administrados para el Sector Empresarial y Gobierno de Costa Rica como Internet empresarial. Verificacion de Identidad VID RACSA Costa Rica


  • Minimize the possibility of fraud.
  • Certifies the reliability of the query.
  • Confirm security in identity verification (encryption).
  • Provides integrity of information (no two people have the same
  • It avoids to your organization eventual expenses and demands of legal processes.
  • Minimize the chance of your organization being exposed to scams.
  • It allows to verify that the citizen carried out the procedure, through the registration made.


  • Robust service infrastructure.
  • Approved biometric readers.
  • Use of the official database of the country.
  • Real-time fingerprint verification.
  • Compliance with the Law on Protection of Information to Citizens.
  • Secure, state-backed identity verification.


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Racsa 1311
citizen services

Access platform for citizens to carry out procedures with State institutions.
Immediate attention through access to the service via telephone in a personalized way for the management of procedures.


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