Digital Files Management

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File Management

Tool that allows organizations to have access to a Digital Archiving solution under the SaaS model, achieving considerable financial savings in paper, infrastructure, hardware and software licensing.


  • Reduction in time and resources.
  • Elimination of printers, shipping costs and copies
  • Safeguarding information digitally with legal validity.
  • Management efficiency.
  • Operational risks reduction.
  • Operation Transparency.
  • Agility in the resolution of procedures.
  • Modernization of administrative processes.
  • Quick results.


Management, Monitoring and Administrative Processes Control

Administrative solution focused on public management providing monitoring, control and improvement of administrative processes, based on International Accounting Standards for the Public Sector (NICSP).


  • Administrative productivity Increase.
  • Standards certificate of certification of compliance
  • Functional integration process Improvement
  • Operational level improvement.
  • Resources usage efficiency.
  • Security at the time of presenting the results.


Management and Automation of Processes and Documents

Platform that automates all the processes of the organization.


  • Diagrammed, automated and documented processes.
  • Proactive decision making.
  • Savings of up to 50%.
  • Increase in governance, visibility and control of these processes.
  • Reduction in operational risks.
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Customer service improvement.



Digital vault service to safeguard information, with an additional level of security for documents or any organization file kept in the electronic file manager.


  • Preserves electronic proof and evidence.
  • Maintains an access control log to the files.
  • It allows safeguarding files of different characteristics.
  • Contributes to the efficient use of energy, by staying in The Cloud.
  • Keeps files accessible, available, complete and safe over time.



Service composed of several elements or applications used to digitally organize all document management of an organization.


  • Process automation flow.
  • Electronic File Manager.
  • Digital Signature.


  • Time and resources reduction.
  • Secure and confidential sharing of documents, with legal responsibility for electronic signatures.
  • Elimination of printers, shipping costs and copies
  • Safeguarding information digitally with legal validity.
  • Efficiency management.
  • Operational risks reduction.
  • Agility in the resolution of procedures.
  • Administrative processes modernization.
  • Quick results



It is a virtual desktop infrastructure (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution, which allows customers to transform their physical desktops into digital and secure workspaces.


The differentiating value of the service is the DP (Desktop Protocol) which provides a clear display of text and ultra-clear 4K graphics, smooth video playback, excellent audio quality, high compatibility and low bandwidth usage due to its 32 individual channels.

Additionally, desktop virtualisation can be found in Racsa’s data center cloud, which has the TIER III certification, which allows high security.



  • VDI allows to reduce to the companies or institutions, the costs in maintenance, updates and support to the final user.
  • Operating and maintenance costs decrease by up to 90% when implementing “thin clients”, eliminating the need to replace hardware every three years, extending the investment cycle in infrastructure to six years or more, in addition, the organization will optimize consumption energy, reducing current consumption by up to 70%, contributing to the national decarbonisation program.
  • It guarantees, the reliability, availability and integrity of the data, preventing the risk of loss of important information, and offering secure access from anywhere to the applications.


  • Simplified administration, which will facilitate the installation of updates and backups in a secure manner.
  • Allows scalability and presence of services on demand. Greater efficiency in the attention of incidents (24/7).
  • Management in the control of resources due to centralized administration. It controls access to sensitive information and intellectual property, keeping the information in a secure data center.