We provide citizens with the benefits of a digital society. We help the country in the transformation of citizen services in a digital society.


Verification Systems

Technological solution that allows, by taking the citizens fingerprint, to consult the official databases of the Civil Registry of the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones to validate the users identity and to provide the client with verification of this query. The solution offers a reliable official mechanism to validate the identity of individuals, and ratify the authenticity of the identification document.


  • Robust service infrastructure.
  • Approved biometric readers.
  • Use of country’s official database.
  • Fingerprint Real-time verification.
  • Compliance with the Law on Protection of Citizens Information.
  • Secure identity verification and state support.


  • Infraestructura robusta del servicio.
  • Lectores biométricos homologados.
  • Utilización de la base de datos oficial del país.
  • Verificación en tiempo real de la huella dactilar.
  • Cumplimiento de la Ley de Protección de la Información a los Ciudadanos.
  • Comprobación de identidad segura y con respaldo estatal.



Web portal in which citizens and notaries can register and start their business online.


  • Modernization of the commercial patent application model, using state-of-the-art technology and adopting the best international practices.
  • Greater transparency in the processes of the Patent Department.
  • Implementation of the zero paper and process virtualization models.
  • Processing time reduction.
  • Increase competitiveness of local and state companies.
  • Considerable savings of paper, transfers, human resources and time.
  • Incentive a culture of change, allowing institutions to be more competitive.

Offers to
your Institution

  • Online registration.
  • Online electronic payment of the edict and platform use.
  • Interoperability among participating institutions.
  • Internet procedure follow up.
  • Procedure reduction.
  • Electronic notification.
  • Platform 24/7.

Procedures to
available to

  • Registration of mercantile companies in the National Registry.
  • Electronic legalization of social books in the National Registry.
  • Publication of edicts in the official newspaper La Gaceta.
  • Certification of company’s legal status in the National Registry.
  • Certification of ownership of real estate.
  • Certification of digitized surveyed blueprints.
  • Land use certificate
  • Obtaining the sanitary permit for operation by the Ministry of Health.
  • Obtaining environmental viability from the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA) for companies with low environmental impact.
  • Veterinary certificate of operation of the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.
  • Verification of the work risk policy of the National Insurance Institute (INS).
  • Commercial patent.
  • Registration as an employer in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund. (CCSS)
  • Registration as a taxpayer in the General Directorate of Taxation. (DGTD)


Service that allows your organization to send telegrams with legal validity, which makes it very useful for the financial, commercial and governmental sectors to carry out procedures such as collection notices, permit approval, appointments, among others.


  • Proof of delivery is legal, so that the acknowledgment of receipt can be confirmed.
  • Delivery of copies or duplicates of the telegram, according to your organization convenience.


  • Nationwide distribution.
  • Easy access by a calling to 1023.

Commercial offer

  • One single charge per block of 25 words.
  • Discounts on monthly blocks processed starting at 450 blocks.
1311 RACSA - Radiográfica Costarricense

We achieve that the citizen saves time when carrying out procedures with the State institutions.


  • Solution in a short period of time.
  • Service consultation under the customer’s need.
  • Truthful information
  • Personal attention


  • General Directorate of Migration and Immigration
  • SICOP – Integrated System of Public Procurement (Advice to Suppliers)
  • Digital Signature Application
  • Control PAS – Procedures for the acquisition and carrying of weapons
  • Create Company – Registration of companies, legalization of books and commercial patents
  • Register it – Sanitary Registry before the Ministry of Health
  • Consumer service
  • IMAS – Joint Institute of Social Assistance