Alignment with Sustainability is our line of action

RACSA has the alignment that defines the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the ICE Group. Likewise, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are linked to their mission and vision, in the objective 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities Applicable to two of the fundamental issues of social responsibility, RACSA develops what concerns Governance and the Environment.


This is the fundamental subject of Social Responsibility, which allows RACSA to take responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities and to integrate, through processes and structures for decision-making in the economic, social and environmental spheres at all levels, the company.

Under this line, the RACSA Management based on the guidelines established in the update exercise of the ICE Group Strategy approved in session 6201 of November 21, 2016 and as part of the continuous improvement processes, updates the Plan Strategic 2015-2018, incorporating a business profile, which considers the refocusing, stabilization, growth and financial optimization of RACSA. Likewise, in congruence with this new Plan, strategic objectives are established, related to the matters of Governance, since actions are identified to evolve to a digital integrator, according to what is set out in the new business profile, for which everything has been developed. a transformation process called Digital Challenge 2018.

In parallel, as evidence of the momentum of the General Management, the process of alignment with Sustainability is continued, for the business model of RACSA. Among the main activities are:

• Formalization and disclosure of the Sustainability Policy of RACSA
• CSR sensitization talks for management level and department heads.
• Online course on the incorporation of the RS to the Company.
• Application of the IndicaRSE Diagnosis in RACSA.
• Presentation of management reports (PGAI and POI).
• Materiality Analysis Workshop, with accompaniment of the Business Association for Development (AED).
• Preparation of RACSA Business Plan.

Environmental performance

The relevance of the actions developed by RACSA in environmental matters is granted by international treaties, Article 50 of the Constitution and the entire regulatory body on environmental matters in the country.

The National Development Plan 2015-2018, “Alberto Cañas Escalante”, gives sustenance and applicability to the Environmental Management System (SGA) of RACSA, and also the National Climate Change Strategy, to the Institutional Strategic Plan of Climate Change, to seek the reduction of emissions, mitigation of greenhouse effect gases (GHG) and awareness in this area. Based on this, objectives related to Environmental Performance are incorporated into the Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

The environmental actions developed were within the scope defined in the Institutional Environmental Management Program (PGAI) 2017-2021. The fulfillment of the environmental commitments, strongly supported by the General Management, is evidenced in the qualification periodically carried out by the Directorate of Management of Environmental Quality (DIGECA), of MINAE. The location of RACSA in the system used by DIGECA is updated on the site: 2018.pdf

According to this instrument, RACSA is located with an “Excellent Performance”, by virtue of the fulfillment of the Action Plan of the PGAI 2017-2021, which contemplates the environmental aspects within the topics of Air Management; Water management; Soil management and solid waste; Threats and natural and anthropic risks; Cultural and landscape resources and Energy resources management.