Wireless telegraphy and telephony are declared public services
An authorization was issued to both engineers to establish the Compañía Radiográfica Internacional de Costa Rica
The exploitation of these services is conceded to the engineers José Joaquín Carranza Volio y Ricardo Pacheco Lara
An extension is provided to the company for 25 years for the exploitation of services
The government grants an indefinitely power to the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad to exploit the telecommunication services

ICE and Compañía Radiográfica Internacional de Costa Rica established a partnership
named Radiográfica Costarricense, S.A. (RACSA), for a thirteen year term

RACSA offers fully automated telex services
ICE buys out all stock from RACSA and becomes the sole owner.
RACSA’s concession was extended for another 10 years
Concession is once more extended for another 10 years as of 1988. During this decade RACSA introduces to the local market novel telecommunications services, such as RACSAFAX for the transfer of written information, and RACSAPAC (Public Data Network X.25) to provide communication services and at Central American level
RACSA inaugurates RACSASAT, a satellite tele-port, beginning a new era in digital corporate communications. RACSA offered satellite communications through services such as RACSALINK, fiber optic rings, RACSARID Y RACSANET, allowing the development of high efficiency networks and favoring the establishment of technological companies in the country
The Legislative Assembly extends the social term to Racsa for 25 more years

RACSA starts commercializing the internet service.

Satellite Tele-port RACSA-Zurquí is inaugurated, allowing international connection of RACSA services via satellite
A second international connection is inaugurated. Submarine fiber optic cable Arcos 1, assuring a better connectivity
RACSA offers WiFi free internet in various locations throughout the country, as part of their social commitment to reduce digital accessibility and to democratize the internet service
RACSA contracts a link with the international submarine fiber optic global crossing across the pacific, ocean to have another point of connectivity with the United States of America
Cloud platform services are offered, allowing RACSA clients to Access the latest technology and software remotely. At the same time, RACSA takes over sales, edition, printing and distribution local telephone books, and offers a broad variety of related information systems. Currently: RACSA is focused on being Innovative Company of Costa Rica, contributing with “specialized solutions” to the market, including Government, municipalities, Credit Unions, SMB’s, residential and corporate markets, with cutting edge technology and world class services